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Commission Prices and Slots by Susiron

Commission Prices and Slots


21 March 2014 at 20:39:52 MDT

An update to my commission prices, carried over from FA. Due to how frustrated it is to edit FA image descriptions (as the text box is tiny) I will be hosting my prices here for the time being.

Please note that I now have a singular base price for all commissions, that is liable to raise depending on the overall complexity of a character or pose asked of me. I will tell you an exact price as we discuss the commission details in full.

Please note that prices are liable to change in the future. Commissions requested before changes will not be affected.
If I have removed an image type offered in my previous commissions page, please assume I am no longer doing commissions of that type for the time being. Commissions ordered prior to this removal will be unaffected.

Please note that I will not draw:

  • Any form of smut, yiff, or fetish art.
  • Exposed genitals or watermelon-sized breasts
  • Overly humanized anthros (they must have a highly animalistic face and digitigrade legs)
  • Fullbody humans
  • No severe gore; blood and wounds are fine
  • Robots/vehicles

If you're interested in commissioning me:

Please either send me a note or comment on this image post. Please provide a visual reference of any characters that you wish to be drawn. Visual references do not have to be reference sheets. but must clearly depict the character.

If you have any specific poses or expressions in mind, please state so. If you have no preference regarding poses or expressions then I will take artistic freedom.

If you are interested in a background please state what you would like the background to include and I will give you a price point accordingly.

All background images will include clean-lined, shaded figures.

Upon request, I can paint a background for your own personal use-- or even add an image to a pre-existing image of your own if you provide me with a PSD file (images must be over 2,000 pixels large in either direction.)

You may not use backgrounds that I paint for you to make any form of profit, but may draw your own characters into the background and/or use it for other personal uses.
If you wish to provide me with a sketch of your character to form the background around, that can be arranged.


I ask that payment for images under $40 be sent in full up front. For images $40 or more, you have the choice to either send payment up front, or to send half up front and half after the image's completion (depending on your personal preference and whatever makes you most comfortable.)

You do not have to send payment right away, but if I reach your commission and payment has not already been sent, I will send you a reminder and begin the commission following yours in the meantime.
Once I have received payment for a commission, I cannot offer a refund.

For now, I can only receive payment via Paypal.

My email to send payments to is

Upon completion, I will send you an unwatermarked version of your image via either note or email. if you wish to receive the largest available file, please provide your email along with your commission information.

If a commission of over $40 is not paid completely up front, I will send you a watermarked version until the rest of the payment is received.

Please note that all prices are in USD.

I really appreciate a message with sent payments, specifying your username.
Tips are super appreciated, but clearly not necessary.


  1. Queef (FA) (N)
  2. dacostac (DA) fullbody coloured sketch (N)
  3. bearswithsaws - painted bust (N)
  4. Ulverz (FA) - fullbody sketch (N) 5.FallenToRise (DA) - fullbody coloured sketch (I) 6.TeamMagmaGrunt (FA) TeamMagmaGrunt - fullbody coloured sketch 2 characters (N)
  5. Noivern (Tumblr - Matilda (E)) - rough fullbody sketch (A)
  6. ---
  7. --- 10.


FallenToRise (DA)
TeamMagmaGrunt (FA)

I will take commissions on a first come, first serve basis. I can accept as many as two commissions per individual slot, though you are welcome to fill more than one slot if they are open and you wish to.
I reserve the right to deny a commission if I do not feel able or willing to draw the subject matter. After about three requests are completed, I will post a journal stating that new slots are open.

Please do not request if the slots are full.

Once you receive your commission, you are free to post it where you please so long as you credit me for the artwork and link back to any one of my accounts.

In addition, I reserve the right to post completed commissions onto my own accounts and use them for future examples. I will never use commissions to turn additional profit (i.e. as prints, buttons, or otherwise) unless in the rare event that I first ask your permission to do so.

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  • Link

    If a commission is not paid completely up front, I will send you an unwatermarked version until the rest of the payment is received.

    Or do you mean a watermarked version? This sentence is a bit confusing.

    • Link

      OH yes bit of a typo there ahahahah
      thank you for pointing that out! C:

  • Link

    My character ref sheets have nudity on them, is that okay? Would you be willing to do to sketchy, but colored anthros dancing? Are you able to view FA where my character sheets are? I really love your art and would like to see my dudes in your style. ^.^

    • Link

      I could certainly try, although I must warn that I don't have much experience with drawing anthro/humanoid arms interlocking so, depending on the dance pose, it could be trickier for me. I'm certainly willing to give it a try though, so as long as you feel confident in my drawing ability then I could definitely take on your commission. If you wish tor receive a rough sketch of the pose first, that can be arranged!

      I am able to view FA, and nsfw reference sheets are fine :3

  • Link

    Ill take a slot then, before they fill up. =P I will send you a note with the details. They dont have to have interlocking hands, just kinda dancing around together, like if they were at a party or something and lady-gaga came on... she has some suprisingly danceable music (dont judge me, lol.)

    • Link

      I meant this as a reply to your reply...guh.. oops.

  • Link

    is that last slot still available?? if so i'd like a colored bust with shading please uwu

    • Link

      It is! If you could send me a note with references that'd be great :D

  • Link

    Heeeeeey. c: I see two empty slots, wondering if one of those is open. I'mma have to send you a note tomorrow if it is~

    • Link

      It is so note away! C: