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Sara the Salamon by sushy (critique requested)

Sara the Salamon (critique requested)


I made a Pokemon anthro before, so I thought of doing the same with a Digimon! Salamon is one of my favourite Digimon so I thought I would start with this one! Which Digimon do you think would have a great anthro version?

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    Awwww........that's so cute! :D

    You know........I've always thought V-Dramon (oh, heck I'm not spelling that right, am I??? Is it Veedramon? The Armour Digivolve of V-mon/Veemon! XD) would have like a pretty cool anthro mode--although it's partway anthro already. But I imagine he'd look like a fighting game character or something. :)

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      Thank you :D Do you mean Flamedramon? Indeed, that one is pretty anthro already :D I agree that it is a very cool Digimon!

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        You're very welcome! :D

        YES! That's the one! Man, it's been so long since I've watched 02.........but I liked a lot of the designs that came out in the era of the 02 anime. The armour digivolves were all very unique-looking, compared to the regular digivolutions--come to think of it, like X-Veemon is the normal digivolution for Veemon, isn't it? He kinda looked like Flamedramon without the armour, and a little more muscular! XD And Wormmon is very adorable--and it's interesting to see what it eventually digivolves to in comparison.

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          yeah I think X-Veemon was the normal digivolution, I agree that those designs are very cool!