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Year-Later Update

on 14 May 2018 at 21:51:07 MDT

So it's been a little over a year since I used this account. Why not give it another shot while I have some time to spare?

So to recap the last half of 2017 and first half of 2018 for those who don't follow my main handles (DA, FA, Tumblr, and Twitter), after doing my inktober and goretober challenges for the year (and spending some time with family and slogging through the holiday clusterfudge at work) I got the idea to start working on a comic. I had been sitting on and developing a story for one particular character I had come to enjoy working with since the year before, and since I'd been wanting to make a long-running comic for the longest time I ffigured now was the best chance to start one if anything.

So by the end of December and the beginning of January, I was able to write up a basic story outline and type out the first two chapter scripts for the comic. But fast forward to March where I move on to actually making the pages, and it turned out I jumped into the whole thing too quickly and overburdened myself. Before I could even reach the starting line and find a decent site to post the comic I was already getting tired of how slow I was in my progress. It was strange and a bit frustrating, concidering I'd made a shorter-running comic before and yet it wasn't as slow to start. But that only told me that I was doing something here that was costing me some energy. So by April, with a month of progress having been lost due to my own mistakes, I decided to scrap what I'd done and start over. This time, taking my working pace a little slower and not focusing so much on the finish line in the distance.

At this point I've already redone the comic's Ch.1 script. I'm now working on Ch.2's script while I move on to roughing out the pages of first. I'm trying this time to be a little more careful with my workflow, so once I hit the actual drawing and inking stage I'll be more ready to tackle it. So far progress has been on track again, and hopefully once I manage to get back to where I dropped off I can actually manage to handle the final pages in between everything else in my everyday life.

I'll fill in on the summary of the comic itself in the next update. I'm hoping to try doing a regular/semi-regular journaling of the comic's progress, that is if I can find a way to make merely takling about it interesting. I'm usually of the impression folks would rather see results than hear a creator babble on, and I'd agree to some extent.

Good thing I've still got some old Inktober and Goretober pieces from last year to post here in the meantime. I'm still keeping to posting only the best of the batch on this account, but with a little help from a little birdy I'll at least try to keep the journals active with updates on my shenanigans. In the meantime, take care, everyone.

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