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Getting the Ball Rolling Uphill

on 13 April 2017 at 15:44:15 MDT

Okay! So it took me a couple of weeks to finally upload something from my current backlog of works from my 2016 October Triple Challenge, but here we are. Let's hope I can remember to keep posting regularly until I run out.

But I did have to give this some thought, and since Weasyl isn't really one of my main art accounts I figured I'll just upload the better pieces that I have to here. I gotta be honest, with multiple accounts to post art to (including social media sites like Tumblr) I'd have to dedicate quite a bit of time just to upload and share work.

So to make it easier on myself, and to save time that could go towards making more art, I'll be delegating my Weasyl gallery to a 'Best Of' status on my list, meaning only the best works I make in any time will go here. I won't be deleting any older works I've already uploaded that don't fit the bill, those can still stay, but from now on those of you watching me here will only see the nicer pieces.

If anyone also dwells in other platforms, here're the ones you can definitely find me and more of my works at. (I will also only post comics and the complete October Triple Challenge to these sites from now on):

Here are the two social media-based platforms I use, which may contain even more stupid doodles that don't make it to any of my galleries:

And here's another site I post some of my works to on occasion:

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    Oh hey, I didn't know you're over here on Weasyl too x3

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      Oh snap, I've been sniffed out.

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        Never underestimate the snooplegryph O: !!!

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    Thank you much for the follow! And - welcome to Weasyl :D

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      Why thank yuh, and no problem. 83

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