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My Armor's Weapons by Surge64

My Armor's Weapons


These are all of the things equipped to my armor.

Palm Blasters(both palms): Can fire pulse beams and lasers.
Laser Chip(both hands): Chips in the tops of the gloves that can cut through anything.
Anti-Tank Rocket(right arm): Fires a rocket that can destroy a tank.
Leg Mounted Guns(both legs)
Multi-Charge Launcher(left arm): fires multiple charges at multiple targets.
Prototype Missile(left shoulder): experimental missile shooter
Friendly Fire Missile Shooter(right shoulder): has an internal computer to identify friends and enemies. Takes out only the enemies.
Flight: My armor allows me to fly.
Shoulder Mounted Gun(back, optional): This gun is not a permanent part of my armor, it is just an optional add-on. But if I need it, I can have Rachel send me it. The gun is capable of shooting several bullets at rapid speed.

Rachel(mobile deployment system): I have designed all of the components of my armor to be capable of flying to me individually and attaching themselves to me. Rachel is a mobile deployment system that can carry all of the individual pieces of my armor. Should the need arise, I can call Rachel from anywhere in the world and have her give me the armor pieces. Rachel remains in the vicinity during the battle and is capable of sending replacement parts for my armor should I need them.

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