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Jetroids Chapter 28 by Surge64

Jetroids Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Final Showdown

Everyone turned to see Vaxtus had entered the lab and had been listening to the conversation Astro was having with Archibald.

"Vaxtus!" Archibald said.

"How did you get here?" Sakura asked.

"I snuck aboard your ship's secret compartment so I could destroy all of you here. Then there will be no one to stop me from conquering Atmo City."

"And how are you still alive dude? I saw Aero destroy you." Yuesbi said.

"Long story, small fry. Now prepare to be terminated." Vaxtus raised his guns to detroy them.

"Everyone cover your eyes!" Aero said as he flew a flash grenade at Vaxtus. It blinded him with a bright light as everyone left the room.

"We can't have him here!" Archibald said, activating some blast doors.

Our heroes descended deeper into the lab. "Vaxtus wants us dead. He will most likely stop us from getting back to the Cutlass, and even if we did get away with it, he would still fly after us. Plus, his lust to destroy us is greater than ever now that all of us are here." Aero said.

"What about the teleporter? I could reprogram it to carry all of us to your lab on Velbus." Astro said to Archibald.

"That's great" Archibald said. "Additionally, in the same room as the teleporter is a self destruct button that was installed as a failsafe. If you were to program the teleporter to get all 5 of us out of here, and I could push the button with enough time to get us out of here, it might work."

"Sounds great." Yuesbi said.

Running down through the lab, our heroes met Vaxtus again. Astro launched homing missiles at him that knock him out.

"He won't stay down forever, let's get to the teleporter." Astro said.

"He's broken through a lot of blast doors. We'd better hurry." Archibald said.

After a long time of moving through the lab, our heroes made it to the deepest part with the teleporter.

"Yuesbi, Sakura, get on and I'll program it to carry all of us." Astro said.

They complied as well as Archibald.

"Ok, Archibald's Lab on Velbus. and set to carry 5 individuals..."

Meanwhile, Vaxtus, who had recovered from those missile he endured earlier, had traced the heroes using his X ray device. He had finally tracked them to the deepest part of the lab. When Aero heard a powerful blast weaken the blast door of the room they were in, he knew they were in trouble.

"Aero, push the self-destruct button! I've almost got it." Astro yelled.

Aero complied and pressed the button.

"Self Destruct Sequence Initiated! 10 seconds until detonation."


Aero began moving towards the teleporter.



Vaxtus finally broke the door down and lunged at Aero.



Quickly thinking, Aero activated his jets to increase his speed towards the teleporter causing Vaxtus to barely miss him. Sakura and Yuesbi helped him into the teleporter.



Vaxtus regained consciousness and turned his head.


"Ok, got it! Hang on everyone!" Astro said, pressing the teleporter button.


Vaxtus saw the heroes teleport away from the lab without a trace.


"Uh oh." Vaxtus said.

The asteroid lab exploded, taking Vaxtus with it.

Jetroids Chapter 28


18 January 2016 at 11:26:20 MST

The twenty eighth chapter of Jetroids.

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