Jetroids Chapter 11 by Surge64

Jetroids Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Showdown in Atmo City

Vaxtus's forces had secured the last two pieces of the Estrella Diamond while Aero and Sakura were on Velbus' surface, giving them a total of 3. So they decided to go to Atmo City to take the last pieces by force.

Vaxtus was leading. He was dark green in color with gray wrists and pointed fingers. He had spikes protruding from his knees and main wings and had a pair of devilish canards on his head. His eyes were as black as night with a white slit for a pupil and he had a white visor. He and his henchmen were plotting their invasion of the city.

Vaxtus and his goons landed on one of the disks of the giant city, but were stopped by an army of police officers.

"Don't try anything funny!" one officer said.
"You have the right to remain silent!" another officer shouted.

"You guys don't intimidate me one bit." Vaxtus said with a cool, collected smirk.

Meanwhile, Aero, Sakura, and Yuesbi were flying back to Atmo city and were using their visors to survey the eventual fight.

"Minions, attack" Vaxtus said. Then he left towards the ACIPD building.

"Let's get them!" the goons said.

"Open fire!" the officers said.

Gunfire and missiles opened up between the two. Upon further inspection, Aero noticed Vaxtus leaving the battle scene. "He's using the fight as a diversion so he can claim the whole diamond. Sakura, get Yuesbi to safety. I'm going after him." Aero flew in Vaxtus' direction. Sakura flew Yuesbi to a ledge to survey the battle.

Vaxtus arrived at the ACIPD building and rang the bell.

"Yes?" the receptionist said.

"Where are the pieces of the Estrella Diamond?" Vaxtus asked.

"They're in the vault here." she said.

"Thank you." Vaxtus replied. He then drew his machine gun and shot the receptionist, destroying her.

After searching the building, he found the vault. It was a giant adamantium door that was shaped like a circle.

"Hmph, always prepared." Vaxtus said as he pulled out a bomb. He attached the bomb to the door, activated it and got back as it blew up.

Inside Vaxtus found the last three pieces of the Estrella Diamond. "I could assemble it here, but I'll go to the top of Atmo City so all can know of my power."

Aero say smoke rising from the ACIPD building and saw Vaxtus flying away heading to the top of Atmo City. Aero flew after him, being careful to avoid detection.

When Aero reached Vaxtus, he saw him with the 6 cyan gem pieces. He took them and prepared to assemble them. Meanwhile, Aero prepared the scatter device to fire and another special surprise.

When the diamond's pieces assembled, Vaxtus said "Ok diamond. I would like to..." Suddenly, there was a blinding flash. Aero had triggered a flash grenade in Vaxtus' eyes right before firing the scatter device at the Estrella Diamond. When Vaxtus regained his vision, he saw the device hit the diamond. "Wait a minute, that's.."

The device forced the diamond to separate into its 6 pieces. The diamond's pieces scattered all across Velbus once again. Turning, Vaxtus saw Aero.

"Do you have any idea how long it took to find all of those!?" he shouted.

"I don't know, maybe a while." Aero said sarcastically.

"Argh! I'm going to destroy you!"

Vaxtus engaged Aero in an intense aerial battle.

Jetroids Chapter 11


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