Long, Long Ago... by SurfMutt

Long, Long Ago...


23 February 2013 at 10:29:14 MST

In a world dark and cold,

Night so still,

Winter's chill...

The shepherds came,

They knew His name...

King of Kings,

A brand new day...

They saw the light in the darkness,

It shines on us,

In tenderness,

It brings out the hope that's in all of us.

May it shine it's light,

On you this Christmas Night...

Man I cannot even tell you how much I love that song. Vince Gill. Goodness.


*blue-oceans (on deviantART) decided to be nice and upped my premium membership by a month <3 You are seriously WAY too nice <3 I mean, the message you wrote in there, I was seriously inches from crying I mean skda;fkajs;ldfkak a river. I was going to turn into a freaking river.

SO, I thought even though that message really meant a lot to me, and this is WAY not close enough to paying it back, here is your beautiful Boykin character, Luke <3

I'll just tell you right now, I love Boykins <3 There is someone in my neighborhood who owns a few, and wholly cow they are just the most adorable things ever <3 So scrolling through your characters, I just HAD to draw him <3

I'm searching for a shading style that I like, and I have to admit, I really like how this came out! And granted, I spent A LOT of time shading this, WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT UGH, but I really like the outcome <3 There are actually only 2 layers of shading, and the lightest parts are the normal color, as there are no highlights in there. Idek working my magic. So I think I might stick with this <3

So, I hope you like this, because you are seriously too nice, and that note really meant a lot to me <3

I need to stop typing, because my feels could just go on and on and on. Not even kidding.

One last time, thank you <3 You TRULY made my day <3 And the few days afterword <3

If you want anything changed, just say the word!

And thank you <3 Merry Christmas C:

Art © *SurfMutt

Character © *blue-oceans

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