Point Vicente Sunset (commission by Vlcina) by sunshyne

Point Vicente Sunset (commission by Vlcina)


8 January 2018 at 18:19:24 MST

The cliffs around Rancho Palos Verdes, California are dotted with scenic overlooks and vista points. On a couple of trips to see my wonderful mate Misunderstood, we have driven down the coast and stopped at some of these vista points, taking photos together along the way. This piece is partially inspired by one of those outings, and partially inspired by a photo of us together under the Rainbow Lighthouse at the Long Beach marina. The latter photo can be seen in my Scraps gallery on FA. ;3

Sunsets, gorgeous views, photography, Sriracha, Sublime, and the one I love... This pic combines so many wonderful things it makes me want to convulse!

Art is (c) Vlcina on FA.

Misunderstood Hyena belongs to mrmisunderstood.

Backdrop: Point Vicente, Los Angeles County, CA