Fun with Kittens <3 [P] by Sugarsweet

Fun with Kittens <3 [P]


20 May 2015 at 21:17:18 MDT

Cute little bit of personal art whilst trying to get back into art again. Think I might be starting to get a tad bit better at ferals xD - Like third time drawing them I think?

Topaz be holding willow, she's my little female cat - who's as crazy as a coconut.
She's ditsy and a little bit all over the place, but she's one of the most affectionate cats ever <3

Titan on the other hand down there, whilst he can be affectionate and incredibly loving when it suits him, he nearly has a constant grump-face on. Unless there's food around, then he looks like a little teddybear who'll do ANYTHING to get that food. The little fatty.

Character/Cats are mine<3

I never seem to be able to put much effort in with personal art, gotta fix that >:C