Fraise Fleur by SugarGems (critique requested)

Fraise Fleur (critique requested)


23 January 2014 at 11:50:02 MST

I couldn't find the real photo of this drawing, so I copy pasted the drawing and the discription from my FA, wich is here, if you were curious:

This is Fraise Fleur, wich is French for Strawberry Flower

She's a MLP based character, but I draw her in human form. I also think I'm gonna make her a lamb/sheep character... She has sea blue eyes, as light as the water in the maldives, like this: but she wears red/dark brown contact lenses, plus she has blond curled hair that's dyed black and red and she has freckles all over her shoulders, upper arms and shoulder blades.
She dyes her hair and ears color contacts since she thinks that she looks far to cute and innocent with her normal looks and she doesn't like that.
Her 'Cutie mark' is a tattoo on her inner right hip from a little strawberrie pie cake with a pink Hibiscus flower on top of it as decoration.
The flower looks like this:
Her talent is cooking and baking things.

I will keep these things even if I turn her into a lamb/sheep.

Okay...a more simple based bio:

Name: Fraise
Surname: Fleur
Eyecolor: maldives water blue, but she wears red/brown contacts.
Hair color: sunny blond, but it's dyed red and black.
Age: 22 human years old.
Body type: chubby.
Cup size: B/C-ish
Hobbies: cooking, baking, picking out a outfit for the day, walking around, hearing stories, singing (even though she's not the best at singing) and discovering new ways to make new food.

First time again drawing shoes, woot~
I like how they came out.

I would like to find a RP partner to Rp her with ^^

Fraise Fleur © me~
Enjoy and please leave comments.
I love to hear your thoughts about my work.
But, if you do not have anything nice to say about this or my other works, then do not bother to comment at all.
But constructive criticism is allowed and very very much appreciated

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