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Zinogre x Mizutsune by SugarDragonStudios

Zinogre x Mizutsune


16 November 2018 at 20:06:25 MST

Yaaaay another anniversary picture ;w; Happy anniversary again, @sirius_sergal <33 here's a picture of our palicos from Monster Hunter~~ we play this game soo much and it holds a special place in my heart since we get to spend time together uwu
My palico is on my favorite monster, the Tamamitsune/Mizutsune, and Sirius is on the Zinogre (I would have drawn his favorite monster, the Raizekusu/Astalos, but the palico armor for that is super dumb and gross so I had to go with the next best lightning monster, the thunder wolf himself >:3) Drawing the Fulgur Bugs and the bubbles was so much fun~~ I loved getting to draw these guys; I hope you like it, Sirius~ I love you sooo much <3