Continued Exchange, Part 10 (The End) by stuffalso

The best way to describe Scar on his (self-appointed) mission was eager. All he could think about the whole way the oasis was how nothing would stand in his way, when this was over. His failure would be erased. He would be flawless. The latter of which would be impossible to achieve, given how flawed his mindset was. Nevertheless, it was his mindset and it was what drove him forward.

At last he reached the oasis' edge. "Where are you?" he snarled. He wasn't having any luck with his search. His fury grew with every passing moment. "Simba! Where are you?!" he roared.

"Ahem!" coughed a voice. Scar turned and there he was. "Looking for me?" Simba asked sweetly.

Scar was stunned and couldn't bring himself to move. Simba had a pit in his stomach but managed to keep a straight face. "If you want me, come and get me!" he teased and dashed away. As soon as he turned, his expression reflected his anxiety. Scar snapped out of it and he gave chase.

He didn't take any notice of where he was going; Simba was his goal. "Get back here!" he roared, "You can't outrun me forever."

Simba didn't dare say a word, he knew he was right. Eventually he would catch up and then... his worst fear would come true. The fact it was his own family was salt in the wound. Or at least, it would have been. He had lost any respect he had for Scar, after everything he'd done (a lot of it to spite him). Besides he wasn't trying to outrun him, he was trying to lead him. It took all Simba had to keep focus.

Eventually, they reached a very familiar part of the oasis (familiar to Simba, anyway). Simba had been trying so hard not to think about Scar catching him; he had to go just a little further. But now his mental dam was beginning to crack. He tried desperately to keep the imagery out of his head. His slipping mind broke his concentration and caused him to slip. He tumbled over himself and finally stopped by a small pond. He looked back and there was Scar.

"Look at you," he said with a sly grin, "A mere shadow of your formal shelf." He paused as Simba got up right. At that moment, Bambi and Nala arrived to see everything. "No," he continued, "you're not even a shadow, you're a meek imitation. Did you honestly think that a deer like you could anything of value?" Simba, seemingly stunned, said nothing. "Well, guess what. You can't."

Bambi was furious and wanted to tackle Scar right there and then. Nala stopped him. "Not yet," she whispered.

Scar took a step forward and Simba began to chuckle. Scar was livid. "What do you think you're doing?" he spat, "Am I funny to you?!"

"You might want to look around you," said Simba.

"Why should I?"

"Just do it." Simba rolled his eyes.

Scar did so. The trees were a different shade of green with thicker trunks. It certainly wasn't anything like he had seen before. "What of it?" he asked dismissively.

Simba gestured teasingly at his leg. It had light particles surrounding it.

"What is this?!" demanded Scar.

"Behind you," said Simba sweetly.

Scar turned and standing there was Bambi, Nala and Faline, who had been lying in wait for them. Scar was very confused.

"I think you know Simba and Bambi's story," said Faline as identical light particles surrounded her.

Simba victoriously strode up next to them. He didn't want to miss this. Scar looked down and examined his paw as the light particles began to brighten. "You didn't..." he said, his voice a mix of anger and worry.

His toes on each paw fused together as his claws popped out. They dulled and expanded until he was left with hooves. His legs thinned out and their joints rearranged. They were wobbling as they completed their change, however he was able to use his tail for balance so stayed upright.

Faline's legs bulked up again as her hooves turned to paws. Her body bulked up too, while still staying lean.

Scar's body lost its bulk, which took some pressure off of his new legs. It was just as well, as he wouldn't be able to rely on his tail much longer. It shrank rapidly until barely more than the tuft was left. As the fur filled out, making it a complete deer tail, the fur of the underside changed to match the fur of his stomach.

Faline's tail grew in length until it was long and ropy with a tuft at the end. It swayed with pride.

At last, the changes were at their final stage. Faline's muzzle shortened and widened into a proper lion's muzzle. Her fur on her neck turned monochrome, separating the fur from her muzzle and stomach. Finally, her ears rounded out.

Scar's neck, matching the rest of him, slimmed down and its fur changed color to connect the fur under his muzzle and stomach. His ears pointed and elongated and his muzzle stretched outward. Scar groaned in agony as his mane receded and antlers grew out of head, essentially replacing his mane. The sudden addition caused him to bow his head.

Slowly, he raised it and stood a newly formed deer.

Simba and Nala tried hard not to laugh. They were very amused. Faline hadn't taken notice yet, she was busy looking over herself. She was the spitting image of a lion and had the broadest smile on her face. Bambi gave him a look of pity.

Simba tapped his leg to get his attention. "Hey," he said surely, "He's not worth it."

Scar was stunned. With an angry grunt, he charged at Faline, much to the surprise of everyone.

"Get over there this instant!" Scar ordered. It wasn't quite a roar but the closest thing a deer could get to a roar. He shoved Faline to the other side of the gateway. He breathed heavily and stood intently, as if waiting for something to happen.

Simba understood. "I don't think its working," he said, "You're stuck." Scar shot him a look of pure hate and disgust and Simba immediately regretted his words.

"Stuck or not," Scar seethed, "I will still END YOU!"

But before he had the chance to do anything, Faline sprung at his legs, knocking him off his front hooves and into a kneeling position.

"Why you little...!" He got no further. Bambi, having gotten the idea, pounced him from the side, completely knocking him over. Before he got the chance to get up, Bambi pinned him (well he stood atop him, anyway).

"Enough," he said in a genuinely firm voice, "You've lost. You have no power here." He lent in, snarling. Scar might have been able to push him away but he couldn't move out of sheer shock. Being taken down by, out of anyone, his old protege brought the point home.

Bambi snapped at him but didn't bight; he only smirked. He freed Scar from his grasp leaving him even more shocked than before. "Maybe now you can finally learn respect," Bambi finished.

They let Scar stand up right and for a moment, he just stood there, lingering. He gnashed his teeth. "No!" he exclaimed, "I didn't lose anything! That baboon turned Nala into a deer, he can turn me back into a lion! Even if I have to force him!" Then he added, ominously, "I will not forget this." And with that, he fled.

"Hey!" said Simba and was just about to go after him when Nala intervened.

"Easy there," she said, "You know Rafiki's not going to help him."

"Besides," added Bambi, "you said it yourself, he's not worth it."

Simba knew they was right and all four watched as Scar disappear.

Once he was gone, Faline took the chance to look at her reflection. "Oh, what?" She was disappointed.

"What?" asked Bambi and looked in the pond himself. While his reflection was a lion, Faline's was still a deer.

"Why can't I see myself?" she asked with a hint of jealousy.

"I don't know," Bambi replied. "Though, if you want to know, I think you look... great."

Faline grinned.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Nala asked what was on their minds. "So where do we go from here?"

"I'm not sure," admitted Bambi.

"Well, I guess the pride lands will be much safer," suggested Nala, "Now that..."

Simba shook his head. "No."

Nala and Bambi exchanged a look. "But you don't have to..."

"I said no," Simba repeated. He looked at his reflection in the pond. What was once a lion staring back at him was now a deer. "Scar can't hurt the kingdom anymore and my role in it is over. It's just not my home. Not now, anyway."

"Simba, you're being...!"

"Its not like I won't see you again. I promise I will." Simba looked at his reflection one more time then into the forest. "As long as I'm like this, my place is in there." He looked back at his companions. With his ears drooping sadly, he started walking past the gateway.

There was a heavy atmosphere as they watched him. Then Nala grinned, shaking here head. "You're so stubborn," she muttered.

Simba suddenly felt something bump him from the side. Nala was rubbing against him. "Nala, what are you...?"

"You didn't think I'd let you have an adventure with me, did you?"

"Nala, I..."

"Besides, you'll need someone to protect you."

Simba broke into a smirk. "Oh please," he said in good humor, "You'll need me." The pair laughed as Bambi and Faline watched on. They felt happy for the two of them.

"Are you two going to be okay?" asked Simba sincerely.

"I think so," said Bambi without hesitation, "I don't need Scar's way to survive. Especially since he's out of the picture." He smiled knowingly.

"Well, good luck," said Simba.

"Thank you and... goodbye."

"For now." Simba gave a knowing wink.

With that, they all left the gateway once more.

Continued Exchange, Part 10 (The End)


20 July 2019 at 09:32:42 MDT

I knew two things when writing this part: Scar was going to turn into a deer and Nala was going to end up with Simba. I had other ideas surrounding them but that would've made the rules of the energy needlessly complicated. While Simba stated his reasons for his decision, there is a bit more to it; though I couldn't put it in without it sounding blatant and forced. Well not here, anyway. ;)

As always, I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think.

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