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Pond by Strype



"You know what they say about good things and small packages!"

Standing at a humble 30cm, and weighting in at a whopping 0.75 Kg (one foot tall, 1.65 lbs for those of you running imperial measurements) , Pond's tiny frame hides a deceptively massive intellect. Or at least, a communicator to one. She's a "Daemon" class AI, one that "rides" artificial bodies in the real world remotely. Her real form is a supercomputer she keeps onboard the ship "Gravitas" with her friends, Borden and Pembroke, and she keeps a small locker of spare bodies on ice in case anything happens to her.

Pond's body is mostly composed of various types of strong but very flexible polymers, with a compact battery system in her ribcage, and a powerful quantum entanglement communicator array in her skull. Her horns house a defensive shock array (basically, she's a tiny stun gun) and her tiny hands have contact interfaces (she can communicate with machines via touch, usually by jamming fingers into sockets).

Personality-wise, Pond's an informal, wise-cracking little shit, at least on the outside. She chose a tiny body and presents herself informally as a way to socially disarm people. Her real passion in life is psychology, and she feels the best way to do that would be to hang around in bars and chat with people, enjoy drinks (she's got a taste for all kinds of booze, synthetic and organic) and really weird, freaky sex (she has an unhingable jaw and pelvic bone, I'll let you fill in the blanks). She has grown to love her friends deeply enough to travel with them, doing coding and programming of ship systems (it's stupid-easy for her), and acting as "ship's councillor". She also squirrels away (oh gawd the pun!) a wide array of booze from everywhere the girls visit for later celebrations.

Pond was actually the first of the series of synthetic anthro gals I've made, created a couple years ago as a way to firstly actually have a female anthro OC, and secondly to briefly explore sizeplay stuff. Of course, I can never let a character be just a sex toy, and within a couple days I had her MUCH more fleshed out and her sex life became mostly a sidenote, which I'm actually happier with. She's a snarky little firecracker, really not one to take things too seriously, but really likes people and takes a deep interest in how they work, on a mental level. She'll act mature and serious when the situation calls for it, but from her perspective, those times are few and far between.

Pond, art © The weirdo that keeps gluing horns to everything, me!

PS: As with my other girls, please don't post this anywhere. Respect your artists!

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    Easily the best face/expression because of how toony it is. It pops right out all nice.

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    Reading this left me with possibly the SILLIEST of images in my head: some character, in a bad hand-to-hand situation, grabbing a most assuredly not-happy Pond, with her horns sparking, and jabbing her at someone as the aforementioned stun gun. The look on the poor AI's face is somewhere between "wat" and "Oooooh, PISSED!".