Plans other than Exercise by StrongerThanDirt

Plans other than Exercise


11 February 2014 at 01:40:35 MST

Fluttershy had gained weight, there was no looking past it. All of those grains and dairy treats she had eaten as of late.

Rainbow Dash tried to get her on a fitness regime, but Flutters always seemed to deviate. Today was no different.

She had run maybe 500 meters before coming to a complete stop, panting and wheezing. Dash ran off to find some water for the poor, overweight pegasus. She was grasping her tummy due to the pains of running such a distance. Of course, there just happened to be a buffet nearby, by chance of course.

Fluttershy sighed as she thought of all the wonderful treats that were probably inside. "I'll have to apologize to Dash later..." she said to herself as she waddled towards the entrance.

I totally cheated the background a bit, but hey, I just wanted to do it for fun. :v

Fluttershy belongs to Hasbro, etc, etc. Art is mine~

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    Oh my gosh oh mt gosh oh my gosh I love it

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    "I-I mean, I'm just so hungry... maybe I should go... ohhhh, I hope Rainbow Dash isn't too upset!" then she goes to the food and burps as quietly as ponily possible.