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Freedom soars on wings and wheels (by racoonwolf) by Stripetail

Freedom soars on wings and wheels (by racoonwolf)


18 October 2014 at 10:49:46 MDT

racoonwolf 's art is always full of awesome vehicles and things. Fave the original here, gearheads!

stripetail 's character in a modern setting, being nonchalantl and cool.

Another modern piece of me :3 I even have shoes on and normal feet! I have an old Yamaha XS650 project bike that will be finished one day, I hope. It is a slow process since I'm fabricating parts and using as many parts with NSN's from surplus, like electrical wiring off B-2 bombers and hose clamps off P-47 Thunderbolts. I had Racoonwolf do an image of what the bike will look like finished: a WWII aviation-themed bobber with aggressive military tires and polished aluminum parts.

And I'm in it too with my British-style motorcycle jacket, riding cargo pants, and Roof Boxxer aviation-style helmet and riding gear.

Also, B-25 Mitchell for the win. ALL THE WIN.