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The green dragoness by Strega

The green dragoness


This is the green dragoness who lives north of the Five Villages area. Over the last decade both this younger male green dragon and two different giants have become her lovers only to displease her and end up with more than just their penis inside her.

Despite eating most of the locals of adequate size to mate with her she still retains her natural urges...which brings us to Hialfi.

Hialfi is perfectly aware that she is a hideously dangerous lover, but she's agreed not to attack the local villages as long as he visits with her from time to time.

To add insult to injury, the local lord signed a treaty with the dragoness. Besides being the only foxtaur around, Hialfi is probably the only mailman on the planet whose duties include fucking a dragoness.

At least he gets hazard pay.