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Reincarnated by Straw (critique requested)

Reincarnated (critique requested)


24 December 2014 at 08:59:40 MST

I have been meaning to get back to arting for well over a month now and this is the result of much experimentation, a new and heavily revised form for my alias 'Straw', complete with species change! Gone with the durg, in with the bat!

I've been trying different things behind the scenes, namely experimenting with the line tool for more flexible linework as well as refining my art style since in my opinion, I didnt have a clear cut style I felt comfortable with.

So with that said, this is my most organic drawing style and what best suits my methods. Fair to say this is my best work so far and its only up from here.

I have a alternate perspective sketch as well as a front view for what I intend to use for a reference sheet which this will be a part of, including full body (spoiler he is wearing a tank top.)

Whilst I was comfortable with a dragon avatar, I am actually FAR more comfortable with this character since I feel it best represents my style. Hell, the alias 'Straw' is far more suitable for a bat character. So with this said, my old dragon character will get a name change, havent decided on one yet tho.

When I find the chance I will try making another sprite avatar if I'm lucky but for now this will do.

I would REALLY appreciate feedback and critique on this.

Edit : I've reuploaded the illustration since looking back I felt there were too many artifacts. Also added a background since it looks better that way.

Happy holidays and murr kristmus! ;P


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    Interesting colour combinations...

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      Thanks! :) Do you think they work together?

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        Absolutely. It makes the character distinctive from the rest!

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          Thank you! Personally I'm very fond of these kind of simple but striking colour combinations so I hope to explore the style more.

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    Cute character! I'm a fan of the colouring too :D

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      Thank you so much! It means alot to me coming from a skilled artist like yourself :D

      Also, I based the design on myself, albeit exaggerated. I tried a dragon a while back but a I felt a bat suited me more.