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This is a casual art account for me, I post unpolished works as well as finished works.

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Holy Cow! Been a while

on 20 August 2018 at 12:02:31 MDT

Apparently I have not updated this site in 4 years. Um...there is a good excuse, I had a baby 4 years ago! Since that time, I've done a lot of study =) She went into preschool this year and i had a BOOM of creativity.

You can find my most recent stuff on my website

I'll post in batches to try to get this account better up to date. I will update the commission prices ASAP.

I just did Tinypawscon2018 and had a lovely time <3 I intend to be more active on my furry sites now that things have settled down in my family a bit <3

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Watercolor Painting of an animal

8X10inch watercolor painting on board with artistic liberty. You name the species, breed etc. I do a full painting.
$ 125.00

Right now all of my commissions are artistic liberty--you name the species and general details and I work from there. I'm not interested in detailed commissions right now.

Tattoo Design starts at $100. If it is very generic I can sometimes offer discounts. You get a jpg, png and/or vector of the finished design for non-commercial use. I retain rights to the design.

For now I mostly do tribal style but you are welcome to ask!

The parlor may not keep the design to re-use and the rights of the commissioner are limited to getting it as a tattoo (ie no sticking it on buttons, T Shirts etc). I will give the commissioner a low-resolution file with watermark if they wish to show it to friends or post on their account as well.


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    Your watercolor (?) art is so cute!

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      Thank you much! Yes a lot of it is watercolor or mixed ^_^ <3

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    Super cute art !