Custom Weasyl: Grid view thumbnails by StormEngineer

Custom Weasyl: Grid view thumbnails


7 July 2015 at 08:23:24 MDT

With the introduction of the new fluid thumbnails, many users started complaining that they want a fixed grid view. I personally love the fluid one, but it is extremely easy to fix this for those who want a grid, using local CSS formatting.

All you have to do, is install the browser addon Stylish, and install a User Style.

Install Stylish addon

Stylish for Firefox
Stylish for Chrome
Stylish for Opera

(If you use Internet Explorer, please switch to one of the three browsers above. They are much better anyway. My personal suggestion is Firefox.)

Install User Style

Custom Weasyl: Grid view thumbnails
Custom Weasyl: Grid view thumbnails (small)


P.s.: Only install or have activated ONE of the two at a time, or they will conflict!


  • 2015-07-08: Fixed broken Character and Journal icons while Broswing.

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    Thank you for the solution(s) <3

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    How nice of you. I'll give this a try.

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    I guess I need to upload more of my commissioned art!

    This looks good though. Thank you for making it! (and so quickly!)

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      Do it! We needz moar artz! :-O

      And you are welcome, and thank you for sharing it! :D

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    This is great. Thanks for sharing it.

    Also Stylish looks like a pretty nifty tool for just noodling around with websites. Maybe I will finally get off my butt and learn how CSS works.

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      Welcome! :)

      And absolutely! I have several stylesheets, some of my own, some I downloaded from You can even use it to rearrange sites in a way you like them more, or remove advertisements and necessary stuff, like those annoying "invite your friends" type of stuff. You can pretty much add any CSS to the existing site locally, and CSS 3 is pretty powerful.

      However, you have to rely on how good the webdesigner was, because for a shitty website that uses bad code, it is MUCH harder to write CSS. Weasyl luckily has a pretty nice, clean and well organized code so very easy to mod. This grid stuff for example consists of just a few lines and took like 10 mins to make. :3

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        Yeah, I was just playing around with your mod adding lines and commenting things out and such. I know just enough HTML/CSS right now to mutate the site into various really, really ugly forms. It's fun!

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    This is perfect, thanks!

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    Thank you. Worked like a charm~

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      Welcome! And Glad it works for you! :)