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Artist, swimmer, lover of seahorses and mushroom designs, and proud humanist/egalitarian

Due to life being life, I am INDEFINITELY open for my $20 dual-sided badges. I wish to make 100 of them to earn our little family money to be able to move up North.

Only finished art that either the receiver allows me to post or my own free time art is shown here.

We only draw traditionally since we don't have a tablet or computer that is capable yet. So paper and pencil it is for now. Mailed art is laminated.

P.S: I am more on my Twitter as I don't have a computer. Operating this site on a phone isn't fun.



Latest Journal

Life after the fire

Okay so a LOT has happened. If you frequent my Twitter, you would know we had a house fire that was started maliciously. Before that, that house was the only place we had to live out here.

Thanks to dear friends, we are sheltered and warm.

I got a different job and making less money than my previous one with a lot less stress. Hours are being cut back after the holidays so I've had to bookmark and either log in or create a new account for my art websites.

I will do whatever I need to to get my art out there. If I can make 100 badges and keep the money for the move, I'd have earned $2K!!!

Oh, and a month or so before the fire, we took in a sweet tom cat so now we are four: Myself, my SO, and our two cats.

Please spread the word about my art if you read this far. Even if you don't want to buy or can't, a simple RT, a mention, or a share with a link back here or to my Twitter helps more than you know.

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Dual-sided, laminated, & mailed to you, no extra cost!
$ 20.00

I only make badges in the traditional way, pencil, ink, & colored pencils. I'll start to use Copics once i get good with them.

I used to make ref sheets but they take SUPER long to make.



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    Thankies For The Fav ^^ Hope Your Doing Ok ^^

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      I'm doing good hun. Trying to get my name out there for art. Getting more kinds finished so I can advertise, the usual.

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        Awww I'm Glad Your Doing Good Hun ^^ Aww Awesome You Have My Support ^^ I Wish You All The Best ^^

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    Omg over 200 page views!!! Thanks you guys and to both my followers! I will have new art up soon. Just gotta collaborate all the images and such. Love you all!!!

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    Thankies For Following ^^

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    Thankies For The Fav ^^

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      Not a problem hun! I love cute ref sheets!!

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        Hehe ^^ Awww Thank You ^^ I'm Glad They've Got The Cute Factor ^^