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III. Escape by Stickaroo

III. Escape


15 May 2016 at 14:22:06 MDT

"I refuse to just sit here and let them pick me apart!"

After waking in a sterile dark room with a missing limb Vinny has a choice. Succumb to the rising despair or get the hell out. Waiting for an opportunity she seizes her chance, hiding behind the door to her room and sucker punching the first researcher to enter. Taking his security tags she splits, charging through hallways of the stark white facility till she finds an out. Running on adrenaline she takes out a few guards with swift kicks and shoves stopping for no one and no reason. A few slips and falls on the way from her now offset balance.

But all the effort takes it's toll, she finds herself battered, bruised and out of spirit in a large sewer tunnel. She hasn't eaten in who knows how long, a drip through your arm only doing so much. Shivering from the rain and the cold she grasps to the ladder like a lifeline. She can hear the shouts of pursuing guards above ground. Where do you go from here?

I am the BEST mum
Lavinia Fontana (c) stickaroo

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