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Calm Thrasher by Steeltalon

Calm Thrasher


30 March 2013 at 11:22:20 MDT

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, ghouls, people of all sexual orientations, /b/tards, metalheads, stoners, nerds, preps, Goths, emos... *deep breath* Bronies, pegasisters, Whovians, Warriortards, Potterheads...oh the hell with it, I can't name you all. *gasps for air* Let's just go with "ladies and germs of all types".

Please use caution and take note that if you approach this creature, you do so at your own risk. He might just squish you flat without even realizing it. Or possibly eat you if you irritate him.

This is the current holder of the title of "most dominant predator" on Isla Sorna. Standing at over 26 feet tall and measuring 65 feel long, it's safe to say a human wouldn't even be a blip on the radar to Thrasher. More like a bug would be to one of us.

I actually had to do this one twice. I was about 80% of the way through the first time when, due to a computer fuckup, I lost everything. If I hadn't finished Ripper's pic...I doubt Thrasher's final design would've ever seen the light of day.

But it's done, and I can safely say I'm very pleased with it. :>

The character belongs to The Kingpin of RPGTopia, and the lineart is his work.

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