Sooo I have heard of this site a few times but never really got to try it. I wonder why? One way or the other, here I am =) I'll try to get my artwork so far transported here and see what happens. I am happy that I just recently got my 1000 pageviews mark on furaffinity. This gave me new fuel to continue working.

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The virus and how you may help!

on 25 March 2020 at 21:09:45 MDT

This virus is affecting us all. Some more than others, but we are all in some sort of trouble. I, who had trouble finding work when people could go out, am at a loss once more now that everything is under lockdown. Once more I find myself in the need of requesting for solidarity and help from you. I know most people are not comfortable about just handing over money, but if you'll lend me one more minute of your attention, that's not what I'm asking for here!

Support my businesses! There are a few ways you can help me:

First, there's my patreon (link at the bottom of the page). I only ask for 5$ dollars and all of my posts so far are public, so you can always check what I'm up to before deciding to hop in or not!

Second, I have started my business as a psychologist online. I am properly licensed and trained, and my Country's legislation allows me to legally work with anyone from any Country with online therapy. You probably already know that the furry community is full of people that could use professional help, with all of the depression, anxiety and sadness going around, especially within the LGBT slice of the community.

Maybe you need it? Talk about me to your friends in need, contact me yourself, if you desire. Thanks to a very high Dollar - Real ratio, my fees in dollars are pretty low. I have two American patients and though I can't get into detail about our sessions, I can tell you that things are running smoothly and they are super happy with the price, which is much much lower than what therapists will often charge you in America if you're not covered by insurance.

I'm not gonna say you don't have to be American to enjoy the benefits of psychotherapy, but you already knew that. So long as you can speak good English or Portuguese, we're in business!

People can, you know, also donate money if they feel like they are in a good spot to do so. Below I'll link my paypal, patreon and discord, in case you desire to get in touch about the therapy. And stay tuned, because very soon I'll roll a raffle for a 3D model made by me! There will be regulations and limitations, of course, but it's a freaking 3D model, man! ;-;

Besides that: Watch me! Fav my work, share with your friends. Follow me on twitter, inkbunny and weasyl. Help spread the word of what I do and that shall help me greatly in the future.

Thanks a bunch for listening to me, friends. Let us soldier through those tough times, because as the popular saying goes: That which won't kill you gives you XP.

LEVEL UP! - My patreon page!

Lee_Long#5857 - Discord, for informations on online therapy!

stary_adamski[at] - For your donations on Paypal! - Twitter! - Inkbunny! - Furaffinity!

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