Fastest Dook in the West by starvinartmajor

Fastest Dook in the West


14 July 2016 at 18:17:32 MDT

This was a piece that I did for a local ferret rescue. They're holding an event and they wanted someone to draw up a logo with a "Wild West" theme. I doodled this up for kicks, and thought it was too cute not to share.

I wasn't sure if they needed a full body or a bust, but I figured... why not both? Both is good!

Looking forward to seeing what they do with this piece.


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    LMAO!!!!!! Oh what a brilliant crossover! I wonder what Clint Eastwood would say? :3
    This is adorable and very supportive of you! Cowboy hats off to y'all, honeh! :P

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      I would like to think that Clint would do his signature glare at this little thing, and would give into the adorableness of this ferret. No one can resist the adorable derpy face. NO ONE!!!! XD

      Thank you so much darlin! I've got my fingers crossed that they like the design.

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        "YOU just gotta ask yourself one question...
        do I feel lucky??? Well, do ya, dook?"
        Lol ;P
        I'll certainly be rooting for ya! :D ALL THE WAY