Worth Fighting For by starvinartmajor

Worth Fighting For


23 June 2016 at 01:45:35 MDT


“Вместе мы сила”

Commission for   Elecpyro

This piece was so A-MEI-zing to do! badummtsssss But no, for real. I had so much fun doing two of my absolute favorite Overwatch gals as this gorgeous siamese kitty, and omgtheyletmedrawaislingasZaryaomgomgomgthisissofuckingcool!!!!

Did a bit of a recolor on Mei's outfit, to better fit her colors. Kept with Zarya's classic coloration because lets face it... it's awesome :3


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    So like to tank when ya play

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      I haven't picked up the game yet, but if my WoW career has anything to say about it, I'll be a ranged dps XD

      But I fully plan on trying out the tanks for sure in Overwatch!

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        Aluri a Tracer and I love play Reaper lol it fun game place does not really get all piss off like CoD game do just fun game just have fun win or lose even tho some game can suck

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          I got my eye on playing Junkrat, Mercy, and D.va

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            gone live junkrat fun as hell with his uilt attack. Mercy OP as hell with them heals and stuff but all ways be come a target lol. My gf love D.va Over power Uilt really give ya team a push if play her right :P

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              Hehe. All these people playing it and I'm looking so forward to picking up the game!

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                cool beans if get it hit us up have team exp bones when play with friends