Wanna see the Stars by starvinartmajor

Wanna see the Stars


21 March 2016 at 00:29:49 MDT

So I haven't given Aisling enough of my attention. I've been meaning to draw her again for a while but never found the right moment to give her the attention she needs.

And then I started listening to the Chetreo Remix for Rocket Grumps, and yeahhhh... The inspiration hit me like a freight train. Because I wanna see the stars; they're my favorite thing in the world! :D


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    Can't even stress it enough on how great this piece turned out! ;)

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      Dawwww Aisling's been so neglected. I should have been drawing more of her!

      And thank you so much darlin! I really like it, even if it's just a flat color thing XD