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ShepCoon by starvinartmajor



Commission for   foxiefang and   gratitude-advocate

Those dreads... omg those dreads. If my hair was thicker, I'd do dreads. :P But I really like how this turned out. I really like the half body reference sheet, especially if there's a lot of detail in the face and torso. Might have to add this onto my commission list.

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Visual / Digital


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    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Look - even the icon is impressed! XD

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    That is crazy creative! I've always thought scars can look exceptionally beautiful when they're not shied away from, but incorporated into one's look. This SO illustrates that point. He's a very handsome guy, and the scars add so much character. Even the little half-ear prosthetic SO works.

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      Thank you so much darlin! :D I really had a blast with getting this guy all designed up, and I love the scars and how they're incorporated into the character's design and story. I'm so happy that I got to do this front view reference :3

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        Definitely very cool (and very well done). I have a scarred character as well that I bet you'd have fun with - one my of charr - . Her backstory explains why she got the scars. But the neat thing is that her current mates accept the side of her that enjoys masochism now, and she told them "little by little, the scars of hate are covered over by ones of love." :)

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          Oh dang I would definitely have fun with her! She looks like she'd be a ton of fun to draw up!

          And what a loving story! That's so sweet!