Waterfall by starvinartmajor



22 February 2016 at 00:07:30 MST

So this piece. I had such a hard time figuring out what character I wanted to add in, or even if I wanted to add in one, because the background for this turned out so damned well.

I was trying to figure out which monster to add. I sketched out roughs for Undyne, Gaster, Monster Kid... way too many... And the whole while I was sitting here like... Maybe I should make this a YCH. Or maybe just have it as a background piece. Environmental design shit right? And then I doodled up this adorable Frisk making friends with a lightning bug.

This was destiny. It was fate. It was adorable as all hell, and Frisk is such an adorable babbu who would totally sit down amongst the glowing mushrooms, and Echo Flowers, and totally make friends with a cute little lightning bug.

So here you are. Have this sweet babbu!