Muertos-lovania by starvinartmajor



22 February 2016 at 00:06:51 MST

Because I can't leave well enough alone XD I've got a feeling I'm gonna have a bad time.

I've been doing Dia de los Muertos pieces for the last few years, and Skelebro hell has me tight in its clutches. I only thought it fitting to do a piece that combined two awesome things.

Someday a full drawing will come of this outfit. But it is not this day. Perhaps soon.

Also, Gaster Blasters are fun to draw XD Get Dunked OOOOOOON!!!!


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    That is way cool! Love how vibrantly it's coloured.

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      I think he would have a skele-TON of fun painting his skull up like this XD

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        Ouch... that pun hurt. XD But yes, probably.

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          The puns! I blame Sans for any future puns that you might or might not find humerus.

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            *snickers* Bring'em on.