Cervidae Lingerie by starvinartmajor

Cervidae Lingerie


17 February 2016 at 20:49:33 MST

Commission for   visualkeihyena who was kind enough to let me doodle a deer gal of mine I've been milling around for a while.

Oh my goodness lingerie and deer. YAAASSSSS :3 I love Buckley's outfit with these sheer stockings and arm warmers, and the corset and unfffffff. :3 He doesn't seem as enthused as the piebald doe next to him.

Also, need to sit down and do a reference sheet for this doe at some point.


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    Oooo, pretty!

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      Thank you so much darlin! :D

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        You're very welcome! Cervids and lingerie are among my favorite things =u=

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          Oh for sure! I'm a sucker for pin up poses, and outfits, and dem antlers... unfffffff!

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    Oh, goodness. Buckley looks simply FAAAAAAAbulous! ;P
    In fact, both these deer-anthros look simply sensational in these fancy, sexy lingerie get-ups. <3
    You've done a fine job with this piece! I love how you emulated their slenderness and body tones, especially the shapes of their heads. Very accurate and deer-like. ;)

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      Thank you so much darlin! :D I adore how the two of em turned out! I definitely need to do more deer in the future for sure! And unffffff sexy lingerie is always necessary :3