Good Night's Sleep - by Lydemox by Startide

Good Night's Sleep - by Lydemox


29 September 2016 at 09:47:54 MDT

A sudden light flooded into the "bedroom", stirring the little cat from his restful sleep. He kept his eyes shut anyway and buried his face into the damp surface, wanting just a few more minutes of sleep on his friend's luxurious, comfortable tongue, its warmth and softness making for some very insistent bed gravity. A moment later, a powerful rush warm, humid air and an almost painfully loud resonating, almost roaring noise came from the throat...


Mystic sat up in his bed and opened his mouth wide, letting loose a long, loud yawn, before the feeling of some movement on his tongue and a faint meow reminded him that Star had crawled in there last night to sleep.

"Oh! Sorry about that, kitty," Mystic said gently, almost in a whisper. "I forgot you were in there. Hope I didn't hurt your ears too much."

Back inside Mystic's mouth, Star was now fully awake, the flexing or Mystic's enormous tongue as he spoke having given the kitty a roller coaster ride of rises and sudden dips. Thankfully the orca's voice was relatively quiet this time as the ringing in his ears dissipated. He gave a loving cheek-nuzzle against the vast, expansive tongue's friendly, inviting surface. "Mmm, no worries. I needed to be waking up anyway. So, what's for breakfast?"

Commission drawn by Lydemox featuring the big, friendly MysticOrca who so graciously puts up with this weird micro's constant requests to sleep in his mouth <3

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