Beach Party (By Kame-Sama88) by StarStorm

Beach Party (By Kame-Sama88)


24 December 2013 at 10:54:53 MST

So, Bunnyta had some extra money from a shoot and decided to treat some of her friends to a beach party. After all, what's the best way to celebrate the end of summer or the beginning of fall by putting on the skimpiest clothing you can find and get it all hot and wet?

And of course Atrele had to find the sluttiest thing she had, and of course, Furball and Claudia Vial would outclass her. She might be annoyed, but it'll pall quickly: she's already making plans to get laid.

To be honest, I've been waiting for this one a while, and pretty excited over it. I like it~

Character list, in no particular order:

Hideaki, tending the bar.

Manji, having a drink.

Kame, refereeing the game.

Marbles, chasing down Asi with a big fucking (water) gun.

Furball, getting in a spike.

Miina, trying to block the spike (preferably not with her face!)

Claudia Vial, ready to strike should Miina miss.

Bunnyta, ready to support should Miina hit.

Asi, fleeing Marbles and trying to put up a fight.

Atrele, watching the bouncing bunny boobs and deciding on who her beach lay is going to be?

Original piece by   kame-sama88, characters belong to their respective creators/players and Atrele belongs to me <3