An Old Herbalist and His Hired Hand by star-poke

An Old Herbalist and His Hired Hand


30 January 2014 at 06:00:36 MST

When our weekly house Pathfinder roleplay was still in the development stages we thought we'd be taking our own teams in not making them. I was going to be taking my usual 5 in 'cept Bramble took Lyra's spot heh. He wears flowers in his hair because he's a pretty man UuU

Brambles goal was he wanted to find out what all the commotion was about in this city turned to a ghost town in months in case he could find something to revolutionise his medicines and couldn't do it unprotected, Jack was an assassin for hire basically, Robert was a secret werewolf who his father had dragged along to train him for skills to become a noble knight, Nayree was joining up to find a cure for her caretaker's cat curse, Alistar tagged along because Nayree and Bramble was providing the team with a place to stay in taverns each night.

All that was scrapped though and my haunted oracle changling character Cass took the spot. She swears a lot and likes to hit things

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