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Hello! I'm an artist who likes to draw fluffy things/birds but also vary on what I do! I love chatting on these sites so don't be afraid to comment or leave a shout!

If you don't understand something or I make typos please correct me, english is not my main language and it'd help me a lot!

I love doing comissions and I'm open at the moment, so if you are interested please don't be shy and ask!

Latest Journal

YCH Auction for beefy characters! Come take a look!

Bidding auction is here!

So I'll try to make an YCH of a beefed character
Wanna see your sona looking big? How about your big one in this pose? Anything goes!
*Male only
*Any species, anthro form
Starting bid is 8$ dollars with flat colors
12$ - No pants option! (NSFW)
15$ - Full colored with shadows
20$ - Background
Bid ends on Feb 27 at 23.59 GMT -3 (22.59 EST)

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Detailed art

Crayon bust
from $ 10.00
to $ 13.00
Crayon Full body
from $ 15.00
to $ 18.00
Full color detailed
$ 20.00
$ 8.00


colored sketch
$ 15.00
monochrome sketch
$ 10.00
Quick sketch
$ 8.00

Drawing with my crayon tool like this submission
Additional costs are complexity-background


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    KIWIIIIII!!!!! <333

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    no you didn't that's a lie

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    Glad to see you and your work here :D