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I've got a boyfriend and a job! And I graduated! And I've got a Twitter!

on 19 May 2015 at 22:49:13 MDT

It's been a few months, and I can't hardly hold it in anymore besides. I've got myself a wonderful boyfriend, in the form of jimnarcs on FurAffinity! <3 I can honestly say he's made me happier than I've been in years, and I'm delighted we can both share this lovely little (or not-so-little) facet of our imaginations together. Furthermore, I can say with certainty that he is a phenomenal writer (possibly even greater than I!), and if you're looking to sate a desire for shrinkage and titanic beings alike, then you should check out his page! From what I hear he'll be uploading more soon... ;3

Along with my boyfriend, I also have a new job! It'll require a bit of a move and orientation, but I'm practically jumping out of my skin for joy, to say the least! It's a genuine pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to gain a little self-sufficiency and clout of my own so soon after university, and I cannot wait to make the move to a new region and enter the next chapter of my life. And hey, as I just mentioned, I've officially graduated with a BS in Microbiology! It's been a fantastic four years, and I'm delighted to have spent a portion of my free time here with you folks. Now I've just got to make sure I don't forget what I've learned in the interim!

So, what does this all mean for the profile? Though I think it's safe to say the following months will most likely feature less content than my college years, I'll most likely be posting more art with the added income, and I'll still be writing as much as I with a new partner, of course! I won't spoil too much, but expect to see a chubby, gorgeous tiger taking center stage with the panther you're all used to seeing ;3

Oh, and before I finish, here's my brand-spanking-new Twitter account!

Come follow to listen to my idle thoughts on furryisms, games, movies, music, or just about anything. Feel free to say hello, even! I'm usually fairly friendly ;3

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