NCIS: Stupid (sexy) Brood (by Wooper) by STani

NCIS: Stupid (sexy) Brood (by Wooper)


13 December 2014 at 12:21:48 MST

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And here, we get to my personal favorite of the NCIS (Nintendo Critical Intelligence Service) members: No-Name of the Brood or simply Brood.
If you don't know the Brood, they are a race of evil insectoid aliens travelling space via space whales (I swear I'm not making this up) that have been a foe of the X-Men and occasionally of other Marvel heroes. More info can be found in wikis, of course.

This Brood however is different, she's a main character in the Planet Hulk, World War Hulk and Warbound series. No-Name lost all of her sisters and her link to the Brood hive-mind which allowed her to developped a conscience. Despite being a creepy anti-hero or anti-villain depending on the writer, she's consistently displayed as a motherly, children-loving character and fiercely loyal to whose she considers her friends.
That's for the official version.

The NCIS version has more or less the same personality, but is a member of the main NCIS team led by agents Midna and Ridley. She usually acts as the dodge tank of the team due to her impressive speed and dodging abilities, engaging foes with tentacle-cannons and sometimes helping carry non-flying teammates in the air. While fast, she's also very resilient thanks to her exoskeleton and can take quite a beating.

Among the team, she often interacts with Falco Lombardi, the expert aircraft pilot (and expert in crashing) and gunslinger, though their relationship is mostly made of vitriolic, snarky, teasing comments, each trying to get under the other's skin as smoothly as a Falcon Punch.

Despite this, witnessing a drunk/teasing/mocking/strip-dancing No-Name seems to cause a conflict of emotions for Falco... he can't help but keep watching. Clearly, she drugged him beforehand... right?

Art © wooper wooper
No-Name of the Brood © Marvel Comics © Disney
Falco Lombardi © Nintendo
NCIS version of the two © me, maybe, in a way...