Female Anthro Wolf Hairstyles by StangWolf

Female Anthro Wolf Hairstyles


7 April 2013 at 19:13:27 MDT

Was having trouble figuring out a hairstyle for Faelan and to an extent Mrs. Reilly, so I decided to sketch up some bases and then just try out some various hairstyles on them.

It was actually a pretty fun exercise and I do believe I'll be using these for future reference for sure.

I ultimately picked #3 for Faelan's final design, or what I hope to be her final design. She's been a problem child...sketched her 3 times before I settled on something I think I like enough to stick with.

Faelan's hairstyle will probably remain the same, but I very well may have fun mixing up Mrs. Reilly's here and there. I mean people change their hairstyles sometimes ALL the time, so it'll be fun to play around with her's here and there too.

Feel free to use for a reference or for ideas of your own!

Art © StangWolf

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    #9 reminds me of a character of mine. I haven't drawn in ages, but I should practice drawing her sometime...

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      Nice! These were fun, and although I have a lot of characters with longer hair, well most of them, short hair is really cute on female's too! ^^

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        I personally LOVE mohawks! <3

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          Yes, they are super cute for sure! ^^