You're Coming Home With Me by Stampy

You're Coming Home With Me


28 March 2015 at 16:30:43 MDT

"Well, well, well, now," Kamille purred in a deep and sultry tone, "what lovely little thing do we have here?"

Soft thooms rolled up and down the corridors of roadway gridded across the city's surface. Massive, fluffy vixenpaws rose and fell with a casual, inattentive grace and poise. Avoiding the thinner routes and intersections, the huge appendages needed a full six lanes total to have enough room to spread out comfortably. Whether or not those lanes were clear at the time was of absolutely no concern to them whatsoever.

"Ooooh, yes. Yes in-deed. You're a handsome fellow, aren't you? I'm amazed I haven't seen you around before!" She swayed her hips with precise timing, letting her robe-like cloak of fluff swish across buildings and streets alike. A massive Jormungandr of yellow fur snaked behind her, thick and long even by the standards of Delphox tails.

As her toes pressed down upon the roads, they sank in slightly. It was actually rather surprising to see, because they sank in so little. At most, her pads compacted down the roadways barely a foot or two deep. Even the shattering in the adjacent concrete was tremendously muted in destruction, mere cracks which stopped dead the moment they reached the sidewalks- as if trying to avoid harming anything beyond them. And the moment her paws lifted up again, the damage vanished away as if it were being lifted along with them.

"Tall... Shapely... Handsome... Sharp... Strong... Mmmm. You have this vixen's full, undivided attentions aaaaaaall to yourself." Leaning in, she pressed her staggeringly ample hips flush with her new acquaintance. Her fingers stroked up and down, lingering decadently long at each peak and valley.

Between the looming office-sized toes, confused cars honked their horns and disoriented Pokemorphs crawled out of thick strands. There was tremendous disarray, but no damage or injury. Even when she involuntarily clenched her digits together after noticing some particularly alluring details, her passengers were miraculously unharmed.

"I really hope you aren't a city landmark," Kamille whispered huskily as she slid her muzzle up to the radio tower of the skyscraper. "Nobody as beautiful and well-built as yourself could've been cheap to make nor be cheap to be sold... But I simply MUST have you for my collection. My Art Deco set has been aching for a simple-yet-robust design like yours, and I've decided- whatever it takes, you're coming home with me."

Writeup by VDOPlus

This is a picture of VDO's Kamille, admiriing a building that seems to have taken her fancy. She's a big architecture fan and collects buildings. She is also known for chasing smaller macros out of towns if she finds them tearing up buildings and such.

This was also the second of the winners of the last poll. Hope you like it!

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