The Dry Canyon by Stampy

The Dry Canyon


12 September 2014 at 12:39:43 MDT

Onyx loomed over the edge of the giant canyon, smirking as she saw the tiny little villagers going about their lives oblivious below. Building tribal villages in a canyon seemed the silliest thing to her; The little morsels were bad at escaping from her at the best of times, but building their towns in a place surrounded in walls that even dwarfed her immense size? It was if they were begging to be food!

Leaping down a few hundred feet, the macro feline landed directly on the village, with a gigantic thud, and with a hungry slurp of her lips she started chasing after the smaller tribesmen, grabbing a few in her hand, when all of a sudden the sky blackened.

Fang grinned, taking a seat on the giant canyon side , her hand descending on the tiny little macro in the Canyon. What was she doing hunting in a canyon? It was if she was begging to be food!

Just a little sketch to show I'm still with the living. Fang showing Onyx who's boss.

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