Entangled by Stampy



2 March 2014 at 09:27:55 MST

One of the problems of having hair longer than you are tall is that you're always getting things caught in it. One of the problems of being megamacro and having hair longer than you are tall, is that you're always getting BIG things caught in it!

This is Pamela, VDO's Glitched Rattata. She has two unique abilities: She can temporarily evolve into any other pokemon, albeit keeping a few of her Rattata features. and whatever damage she causes when superhuge, is undone moments after causing it.

Her abilities allow her to have a little bit more fun than the average megamacro, without having to worry too much about consequences, so she's mostly just mildly inconveniencing people here. But it has to be said that it's quite amazing what you can pick up just by walking around!

I decided to colour up this old picture, as it's been something I've liked for a long time but just never got around to colouring it - and if I didn't colour it now, chances are it'd never get coloured!

Anyway, the smaller macros caught up in her hair are as follows:

Top Row:
Auroury -   vdo
Brenna -   brenderlin
Moraine -   riviena
Moya -   futurewesty

Middle Row:
Sigmund -   ginryu23112
Vapour: -   stampy
Saint Absol -   nmr

Lower Row:
March Dragon -   march-dragon
North: -   spykr
Sarah -   darkgl

Right Column:
Mawie -   stampy
Artie -   artie
Rocquesanne Relavosa II - vdo