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Ambyrn - Street Performance by Stampy

Ambyrn - Street Performance


Ambyrn's back and she's ready for her street performance. Why just stick to the stadiums when you can put on a show right in the middle of the city!

Whether it's vocals, guitar or both, she's certainly ready to rock the town!

This was an art trade with Eclipsis, and one that I knew was going to be quite a lot of work! it ended up being very enjoyable though, and it's let me come up with a way to try and keep the size of windows more consistent between buildings. I've tended to struggle when buildings have both intact and broken windows in place in the past, but I think this blends them quite nicely! ...Which is a good thing seeing as there's barely any intact buildings in the entire scene!

Anyway, let's sit back and enjoy the show!

Ambyrn belongs to Eclipsis