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Terror Between the Tiles by Stampy

Terror Between the Tiles


It must be quite the environment to find oneself in, surrounded by tiles a few miles tall and hundreds of miles across. Where tiny little imperfections in the tiles amount to large valleys and mountains that you have to surpass. With large rocky debris scattered everywhere, some chunks stretching to the size of cities and beyond. The room itself seeming to go stretch on for eternity. Entire planets, and landscapes in glass petri dishes scattered around the room, each of which stretch up towards the sky. And then the owner of the room walks in, stepping on one of those entire landscapes, crushing it with ease. And then she suddenly, throws a glance your way.

Huh, What’s that down there?

As mentioned in the previous picture, I love drawing Erika and her room. It’s a treasure trove of a setting that allows for all kinds of wonderful size play.