Sasha's Gigapaws by Stampy

Sasha's Gigapaws


30 October 2020 at 14:21:14 MDT

Once Sasha was able to show the spirits possessing her body that with a little bit of collaboration, that they would be collectively far more powerful than ever, she's been able to grow bigger and stronger than ever before, much to their absolute delight. Sasha can use sizes like this, to absolutely melt the pair into submission. And hey, if you can provide some lovely views for everyone else in the process? All the better.

I do really enjoy Sasha's redesign, as slight as it was - it was enough to really have some fun with her. This picture is really just showcasing her different coloured claws and some big huge paws at some very fun sizes. She's often got those huge heck boots of hers on, so details like that might not be as obvious as otherwise.