One Small Step by Stampy

One Small Step


12 July 2019 at 14:01:47 MDT

Don't mind me. Just passing through!

For the planet, it might be a cataclysmic event, for Erika it's just one small step.

This really is just Erika in her element, doing what she does best. Looming massively at her insanely huge size and planet smashing. We use drones and quadcopters and such to take aerial photography. I do have to wonder if Araltians have to use use similar technology to take pictures of scenery and landscapes!

...And if that's the case, this is pretty much exactly how Erika would abuse them.


On my patreon account, I run polls, and this one won by quite a healthy amount! It seems folks really want to see more thunderfox! As such, here it is in colour! I do have a few alternate versions of this on my Patreon account if anyone's interested:


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    One small step for Erika, one giant mess for humankind! :-O

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      Haha. That sounds about right!