An Overwhelming Presence by Stampy

An Overwhelming Presence


17 January 2019 at 08:48:30 MST

Inari is quite the overwhelming house guest no matter how big you and your "house" may be, she just naturally fills all available space, no matter how much is available. This has definitely proven the case for this Pantheon here, who wanted to show off their giant pantheon hall to her. As it turns out, even it was a little to cramped, even such a "small" sized avatar of Inari's.

This is one of my favourite pictures from last year. Inari is always an absolutely delight to draw, and I am getting better at drawing her lovely curves. The perspective on this one's a fun one, and she really is doing a number on that Pantheon.

Also as a fun fact, immediately after drawing this picture, I ended up turning two of the smaller gods into actual characters. More on them soon! Only Inari could smush my characters before I'd even designed them. It's rather impressive!

This is a picture for  VDO of his wonderful Inari, mother of Okamitsune.