An Araltian Adventure - Lucarina by Stampy

An Araltian Adventure - Lucarina


17 January 2019 at 08:34:54 MST

"Huh, so there ARE more of them..."

Lucarina idly bent and straightened her legs, feeling her skates roll across the planet beneath her. She normally enjoyed the huge gouges in her wake, the sense of power she felt when her idle motions ripped tears across the crust of entire worlds, but she'd understandably been feeling a bit more humble today than her norm.

She briefly considered dropping out of her Mega size. It'd be easier to hide at a few dozen meters in height than a few dozen kilometers (a fact she'd never expected to be something she'd have to concern herself with). But it was easy enough to dismiss the idea. Even at her incredible Mega scale, big enough to flatten any continent on the planet she'd chosen as a resting spot, she was still barely big enough to move about this gigantic room. It'd be a mighty task to climb over any of the huge towers of junk and planetstuff, and an impossible one to find a course to blade about between the stacks.

Besides, even this new orange creature- somehow seemingly even bigger than the yellow one- wasn't quite high enough to see her without looking up. And surely nothing so huge would ever have much cause to look up. Nah, she was probably safe on this shelf, at least until whatever tornado or earthquake or whatever it was that left such terrible messes on the floor went through again. Maybe it was that yellow one's doing? She didn't seem particularly concerned with taking care of anything, but it was still a bit hard for Lucarina to imagine that any one being could have made THIS much mess in a single place. Even if that place was larger than most planets.

For now, the ludicrously large Lucario figured her best bet was to wait it out. When this orange one left, and the yellow one was distracted again, she could think about making a break for it. Maybe by then she'd have some sort of idea for dealing with the two thousand kilometer drop to the ground, even!

(Story by  VDO)