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An Araltian Adventure - Niamh by Stampy

An Araltian Adventure - Niamh


17 January 2019 at 08:33:48 MST

"Stick to the plan, stick to the plan... But plans are so boring! Even if they normally do work. The usual plan sure isn't working here..."
Niamh wasn't really upset with Saari and her plans. But this was definitely a situation where some ad-libbing was going to have to be done. The usual concept of "Lumi grows big enough to stop whatever disaster, and grows Niamh and Saari enough to act as go-betweens when the village needs to pass a message to the enormous Sneasel," didn't really cover the edge case of Lumi needing to grow so much that she wouldn't be able to hear or see Niamh even when Niamh was the size of a small mountain. The Glaceon was an absolute giant, but she still felt very very small in front of boots towering into the kilometers.

"What am I even supposed to DO at this size? Lumi's too huge to even see me, but I'm already so big I might not be able to find Saari when we're done! Urgh, being too big sucks! I hope Lumi figures something out at a properly fast speed, so we can-"

Niamh's toes- absolutely huge for her actual height, rendered nonsensically huge by her current height- curled involuntarily. Her dark pads crushed and crumbled ancient trees a dozen meters high, turning the sturdy wood into harmless splinters too small to even injure her warm pawflesh.

"... That... Is a big slope," she murmured, breath whipping the winds around her and casting a steamy fog.
Niamh knew she should be staying put. She knew she needed to keep an eye out for ways to help either Lumi or the village. She knew there was no way she could cross the absurd distance to reach that orange and black mountain.

But the siren song of a toe the size of an entire country was very very hard for the Glaceon's heart to resist. That smooth, polished black claw... There had to be a way to board down it. There had to be!