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Under The Big Tree by Stampy

Under The Big Tree


17 January 2019 at 06:49:51 MST

Araltys can be a busy planet to live on. Having such a small size relative to it's inhabitants, there's always a lot going on, so it's always nice for folks to be able to find their own little part of space. It seems Eleve has found a garden world to hang out on, a private study space where she can focus on her work, far away from the busy world back home.

I really don't give Eleve the attention she deserves in art. She actually has several different colour schemes, depending on the current season on Araltys. This here is her Autumn colours where her hair and tail turn all kinds of vibrant reddish-browns. In spring she has green hair, pink in summer, and it turns to a deep brown in winter.

The planet she is on here is what Araltys call Garden Planets, entire planets terraformed from rocky, barren, inhospitable worlds into relaxing gardens for fellow Araltians. Terraforming planets like this is a speciality of August's. As for Eleve? She's just happy to study far away from a certain thunderfox!