Hanging Out by Stampy

Hanging Out


16 June 2016 at 05:30:58 MDT

"Y'know Niamh, you sure beat flying a kite!"
"Well what can I say Lumi? Saari said we should all hang out at her place!"
"I'm gonna have to admit, this wasn't quite what I had mind when I said that!"

This was a picture drawn a few months ago. I really do love pictures of macros just hanging out and interacting with smaller friends, and this is exactly that. Lumimyrsky, Niamh and Saari just hanging out - Literally in Niamh's case! I really need to draw more of these three in general. They're an adorable group of friends.

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    Niamh and Lumi are such fun together, this is a beautiful image.

    I hope Lumi doesn't get too distracted and is careful with how she sits, not only for the sake of Saari's home but her neighbour across from her has an interesting view of those claws outside of her window. Without a doubt though, Niamh has the best view in the whole village. Gorgeous sky above, and the sight of her village and friends below.

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      Thanks! They are really fun characters! Yeah, it wouldn't be particularly good news for either house if she were to fall through it! Lumi's quite light though.. relatively, for her size, anyway.

      It's basically all three girls doing what they do best. Lumi being big and adorable. Saari, keeping warm with a bunch of books, and being casually extreme.