Beyond Pawception 33 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 33


3 December 2015 at 15:42:50 MST

... Or, more specifically, 'Enjoy the ride, all, because we're just getting started!' Hm hm hm! I'm afraid I'm simply too foxy to leave things at that. And yet… Somehow… If you're still here after all this nonsense and mayhem, I suspect you plan to stick it out for the finale? Haha, all right, then! I promise. We'll stop things after this, Kitsune Mother's honor.

... Hm? You don't trust the word of a kitsune any further than you could throw my impossibly unreal weight, so to speak? Well then, I'm glad you've been paying attention, little ones! I'll simply have to ask you to be patient and wait to see. After all, we've got quite a gap left- the difference in scale between my fellow white-furred smooshed-snug vulpine at the very beginning and my more prodigiously profound self here has only been a tiny twinkling of an eye, after all! An infinitesimally minor range of sizes which you'd miss if you dallied long enough to blink. But this final difference...

... I daresay, THIS is where things REALLY get big! Please do brace yourselves...


Hm. This seems to be a recurring theme for white foxes doesn't it?

Inari belongs to VDOplus

Commissioned by Artie